A study of homeland security

The role of the U. Deutchand Philip D. It introduces students to the international criminal court; the special tribunals; domestic and international efforts to combat terrorism and an array of transnational crimes like drug trafficking, cybercrimes, white-collar crimes etc.

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Best Online Master’s in Homeland Security Degrees

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Real-world fraud cases are discussed and analyzed. Its main function will be to allow students to complete a level homeland security course required in the major, but who are not able to take the required course when it is offered. Senior standing and permission. All students should anticipate at least two hours of preparation for every hour of classroom instruction.

Upon verification, students will be mailed their certificates. Students are introduced to the nature and characteristics of discussion and operations-based exercises and the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program.

Public-private partnerships and sector-specific plans are examined. Department of Homeland Security; risk assessment; security planning options; emergency response and recovery, training and exercises. Drones Better drone detection through machine learning, cameras Visual detection of drones has never been considered as effective as its thermal, radio or acoustic counterparts.

The legislative and policy background of national preparedness is presented. HSM Psychology of Disaster 3 Credits Utilizing case studies and clinical research, the course will focus on the psychological and physiological response to natural disasters, terrorism, and other manmade disasters.

Certificate Completion Upon successful completion of the certificate program, students must submit a completed Certificate Petition Form to Online and Continuing Education.

In digging deeper, the report found that residents in West Garfield Park did not believe that police officers regularly monitored the cameras and therefore continued to commit crimes as if they were not there.

The criminological theory for hate crime is reviewed, as well as historical perspectives of this crime category. An understanding of the full ramifications of International Criminal Law can be challenging because it disturbs some of the well-established concepts that you may have become accustomed to, such as sovereignty, military supremacy, and discrimination.

The course explores the various methods used in classifying and predicting criminal behavior derived form the field of Criminology, Psychology and Forensic Science.

Students then use their skill to identify and apply best practices as countermeasures. Civil Liberties and the Patriot Act will be examined. Students must complete a 3-credit capstone course at the end of the program.

Topics include studies in emergency management, critical infrastructure protection, risk analysis, industrial security, environmental security, terrorism, intelligence, criminal justice, cybersecurity, and law and policy.

HSM Introduction to Cyber Crime 3 Credits This course focuses on the technical aspects of digital crime as well as behavioral aspects of computer hackers, virus writers, terrorists and other offenders.

Students examine legal concepts regarding constitutional rights of individuals, legal process, access to courts, the law of war, and national security principles as they relate to homeland security legislation and policy initiatives.

Resilience in a global context and risk analysis as a means by which resources and assets are allocated to critical infrastructure s is presented.

Affordability - You can afford to study homeland security and emergency management at Excelsior, thanks to our budget-friendly tuition and student fees. Receipt of the certificate will be noted formally on the student's transcript with an award date of October, February, or June.

In addition, the HS program is ideal preparation for further study in graduate school, including law, public policy, or emergency management, intelligence analysis, business, criminal justice, political science, national security studies, international affairs, etc.

Department of Homeland Security DHS in securing the cyberspace and the nation's information-related infrastructures will also be explored.

Chapter 1 Case Study – The Department of Homeland SecurityHow does the creation

Based on its analysis, the report found that surveillance cameras can deter crime and are cost-effective, but only when they are properly monitored and installed. Areas of study include the rise of modern terrorism, domestic terrorism, cyberterrorism, Homeland Security organization, strategies, programs and principles, emergency management, the media, and the issues of civil liberties.

Homeland Security Degree and Certificate Program Overviews. Bachelor's, master's, and certificate programs in homeland security offer education on a broad range of security topics for Online Masters Degree in Homeland Security: Program Summary. Get info about online master's degree programs in homeland security.

A timely, thought-provoking collection of essays from homeland security and terrorism experts. Featuring contributions by Peter Bergen, Brian Michael Jenkins, Bruce Hoffman, James Carafano, John Sullivan, Stephen Flynn and many others, this volume addresses.

News & Announcements. Emergency Management/Homeland Security Club. Meets Tuesday Evenings - - p.m. Knight Campus, Room Welcome to the "New" Emergency Management and Homeland Security website. Tulane's Homeland Security Studies program is a member of the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Homeland Defense and Security and University and Agency Partner Initiative.

George Washington. Our Administration of Justice degree prepares the next generation of thought leaders and skilled practitioners in the fields of criminal justice management, homeland security, and criminal behavior.

A study of homeland security
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