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Relate some of the early events in ResNet to concepts described in previous chapters 7.

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The resulting solution brought together islands of information and resources into an integrated system to better support international business development. They did not plan to enter actual information or use critical path analysis, so they did not link the tasks in Microsoft Project.

Review the executive summary Peeter prepared to help justify investing in ResNet. Describe some of the outputs of closing the ResNet project. Describe how Northwest Airlines organized the scope of work on ResNet using work breakdown structures 3.

He prepared a five-year cash flow analysis of all costs and benefits, clearly defined major assumptions, and described the basis for all of his projec- tions. We worked interdependently with multiple companies to help integrate their services into an internal information infrastructure for global enterprises.

NWA did not have a job title of project manager inso Peeter was named the project director, their title for a project manager. Can these factors be applied to all large information technology projects.

He convinced her that he was the right person for the job. How should Arvid and the ResNet team plan the work that needed to be completed so they could actually focus on getting the job finished.

The average length of calls in the call centers was increasing due to the complexity of the job and the inflexibility of the information system being used.

This benefit is also called improving the call-to-booking ratio. Peeter and the ResNet team prepared outstanding business justification for all of the ResNet projects. We were contracted by an international trade agency to optimize an internal financial management system.

The percentage of direct ticket sales increased from 3. The outputs or outcomes of project initiation generally include a project charter of some sort, selection of a project manager, and documentation of key project constraints and assumptions. Table shows the planned software development and office implementation mile- stones as presented in the PR2 project plan dated August 29, If ResNet were not approved for some reason, they would be stuck with two totally different reservations systems in different sales offices.

Recall that Peeter wanted the plan completed in one week. For example, each office was a separate Level 1 WBS item. They would be the primary users of ResNet, and they understood the business of dealing with potential customers to sell airline tickets.

Business Intelligence Optimization Great information exists in many places. The IS Department did some research on improving the interface of the reservation system, but no improvements were ever implemented.

Fay also knew that several competing airlines had successfully implemented new reservation systems. Peeter asked Arvid to take the lead on developing a project plan for the beta system, and he wanted the plan done in one week.

Does emphasizing issues and decisions make sense. Also develop a list of questions you would ask when interviewing people for the position. Kathy Christenson, an analyst from the marketing and sales division of NWA, had firsthand experience working with sales agents and led the ResNet application development area.

He also had a good idea of the amount of work and time involved in doing more software development and used that knowledge to create plans for customized application development. As with many information technology projects, the concept of ResNet was discussed in the IS Department for a few years.

WorldPerks involved a new communications proto- col, and the ResNet team did not plan enough time up-front to analyze all of the system requirements. His work is characterized by impeccable integrity and creativity. When communicating with upper management, Peeter focused on the key business objectives of the project, highlighted the impressive results from the beta project, and focused on the opportunity to make money with the new system.

Fay realized that a major change was needed in the information systems used by the sales agents. They developed a project plan in Octoberfor the and ResNet projects. Based on the nature of systems work itself, this book describes initiatives to achieve growth, productivity, cost control, asset utilization, and customer satisfaction objectives.

NWA initiated ResNet to reduce costs from its reservation call centers and imple- ment a new vision of focusing on closing sales, which would increase profits. Review the actions taken by Peeter and other senior managers that helped get ResNet off to a good start. Then write an ad to advertise for the position of project manager for the ResNet projects.

Case Study

Project Management Institute, Peeter knew this project would be scrutinized, so he made sure they had evidence that the new technology was indeed increasing productivity. Senior management must participate in the project by providing overall support and direction. Discuss key decisions made early in the project by the project manager 6.

Case Study - Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Visitors Center Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. ( is a recog- nized leader in the field of specialty coffee and the Resnet case study practice of corporate.

Resnet Case Study Northwest Airlines Company Study of Northwest Airlines Business Ethics Ms. Dixon Albert Otos and Jesse Bucholz Introduction Northwest Airlines is one of the pioneers in the airline travel industry and is ranked as the fourth largest air carrier in the United States today.

View Essay - ResNet Case Study Assignment from BUS at Troy University, Dothan. ResNet case The objective of a case study is to show that you can analyze a real world business case, provide an%(10). Project Management.

ResNet CASE STUDY DISCUSSION 10 Questions. in the project initiation process include the completion of a stakeholder analysis and preparation of a feasibility study and an initial requirements document. The outputs or outcomes of project initiation generally include a project charter of some sort.

ResNet case study - This case study was based on a real project done by Northwest Airlines, now part of Delta. It includes real examples of several project documents. VAPR case study - This case study is documented in detail in the text Healthcare Project Management.

This file includes several examples of project documents like a charter. Progress Case Study - The Resource Network The challenge: Synergistically tie together diverse data from multiple best-of-breed applications including hosted or cloud-based applications.

The solution: Progress DataDirect OpenAccess for ODBC for Salesforce datasource.

Resnet case study
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